Friday, April 24, 2009

High School Kids Smell, they just do!

So, kids are stinky, every age, every kind.  I left stinky ones behind, traveled with stinky ones, and came home to REALLY stinky ones.  Especially that Adam, the boy smells.  The trip was awesome, minus the really long travel, overnight, bus trip.  The saving grace was that it was a charter, unfortunately that means we had a bathroom for them to use.  No matter how much Kyle said fluids only in the toilet, we still had kids doing other stuff in there.  One time even when we were PARKED next to a Burger King, crazy.  Seriously though it was a great trip.  The kids really grew and became more jazzed about learning.  The workshops in Disneyland were amazing.  They worked with real Disney studio musicians.  The jazz band worked with a guy that plays for the Dancing with the Stars band.  They recorded the pink elephants number from Dumbo.  So they rehearsed with him and then they recorded it in sections, then they would play it back with the actual animation going along with what they recorded, super cool.  The wind ensemble recorded several things when they had their workshop.  The kids walked away flying high.  We visited several colleges and also some sights in the Hollywood area, Olvera st. is awesome as is Griffith park observatory if you ever get a chance to go to either places.  But I missed my kids, I was really lonely a couple of times when the band was busy and found myself wondering around Disneyland.  I was so desperate I almost waited in line to meet Tinker Bell once, then I decided to go stalk one of Kyle's students.  I bribed her with a free drink to hang out with me :)  I do like to think she enjoyed it, but I'm not as cool as I was in my 20's.  I'm not going to post a lot of pictures because they are mostly of Kyle and I in the same pose, taking self portraits, or of band kids.  The one at the beginning of this post is my favorite from the Hollywood Bowl.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Craze

Here is Alex in our Easter production at church.  

So it has been way to long since my last blog, and this one will be short considering everything we have been up to here. Last week was the insane process of Easter.  But honestly I can't complain.  My wonderful, amazing parents hired a wonderful, amazing babysitter, to watch my wonderful, amazing kids.  She was AWESOME.  The last night as she left Sarah hollered down, "bye pretty Hannah".  Not to mention that there were times when our kids couldn't see us leave fast enough so they could have her all to themselves.  But the week was still busy, and now we are preparing to head to Southern California with Kyle's band.  So here are just a few things that stuck out from our week of living at the church.  First, I have never done an Easter with such little negativity.  Usually there isn't much anyway, but people get tired and we spend A LOT of time together so you get the occasional grumble.  Nothing!  Not once did I hear anything negative.  God is good.  Second, I was amazed at the talent God brought to us.  People that we did not even know sang (Jessica) and new people that are VERY talented (Billy and Cathy).  Not to mention our normal crew of servants that come together to make such a great choral sound.  God is good.  Third, my husband rocked the house!!!!!!!  God is good.  Fourth, my son got to learn a whole new level of serving.  He grew over the week and was able to clearly state why we were there.  God is good.  Fifth, I really enjoyed myself.  Serving the Lord can be fun, but also it can be cleaning toilets or changing a kids pooped diaper.  While I always love serving Him, I am happy to say this was totally enjoyable, and I will miss it.  God is good.  This really is just a few things that stood out to me.  There are so many more things I could mention, but I have to go pack instead.  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My baby is 4?!

Adam and his buddies at his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party!  Loads of fun!

As I sit here the rest of the family is enjoying a very beautiful day outside.  I love our house for lots of reasons, but one is the large amount of big windows in the back.  I can sit on my couch and feel like I am outside.  Alex is playing baseball this year, which is new, and he is practicing his "pop ups".  I know I am his mom, but I think he could do just about anything he set his mind to.  Sarah is dancing and singing, the girl has moves.  I frequently can't understand her singing though, I guess the choir teacher needs to talk to her about articulation.  And Adam is doing his best to sneak down to the creek, which he already fell into today in his new, good shoes, of course.

That being said, Adam turned 4 yesterday.  As promised, to those of you that even read this, I am going to do a little walk down memory lane.  He was a planned c-section and I was totally relaxed when I got to the hospital.  I got all cozy in my room and waited for my least favorite part of the pre surgery stuff, the iv.  I hum when I am nervous and I have a default melody that all my humming goes to, Hey Hey We're the Monkeys.  Weird, I know.  My nurse thought so too.  Anyway, the actual c-section went great, minus the gossip from the nurses about a recently departed doctor, and of course I hate the smell of burning flesh but that is just part of birthing this way.  Anyway, I felt great until about an hour after this little darling entered my life, then the vomiting began and lasted for 8 hours!!!!!!  Ughhh, I still feel tired and icky when I think about it.  I didn't hold him once, or feed him, or want to talk to any of our visitors.  It was horrible.  

But then I recovered and right away we all knew we had something special on our hands with this guy.  I was happy to be done with two kids, Kyle wanted about a million, so we struck a deal at 3.  I was one of three and really liked it, so I thought I could handle it, but I was worried.  I'll tell you, our family would not be complete without our little prince.  He is head strong and way to smart and sneaky.  But he is precious, freely gives his love and SO MUCH FUN!!!  I wish I could list all his amazing deeds but here are just a few moments from the last 4 years.

We have found him in a fireplace, covered in soot.  We have found him in the dryer, luckily before turning it on.  We have had to call someone to break him out of the bathroom he locked himself in.  I have found him pouring kitty litter into the toilet, which makes paste for those of you that don't know.  He has greeted guests at the door, totally nude, like it was a normal thing.  He has peed all over EVERYTHING in our bathroom, oh and he potty trained himself.  He has let himself out of the house several times and been found in neighbors backyards and around the corner headed to the park.  These are just a few things that I can think of, with my family begging me to join them outside, but as you can see he keeps us hopping and is a little scary.  No matter what he does though, it's actually hard to get upset with him.  He just has a way about him.  Anyway, happy birthday Adam, may everyone enjoy the stories you will provide for years :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

She is 6

So Sarah is officially 6!  I can hardly believe it.  Her birthday was on March 28th and I enjoyed thinking back to the day I had her.  She was a planned  c-section and I remember that we had to be to the hospital very early, 6 AM.  We got there and I was REALLY nervous.  When I had Alex it was an emergency c-section and when I got my epi I was in so much pain I wanted the drugs. Well I was super worried that since I was not in any kind of labor pain, when they gave me my epi to prep me for surgery I would really feel the pain of the needle.  Silly fear I guess.  Anyway I was shaking pretty hard by the time they took me back for my surgery.  

I have precious memories though of my amazing grandpa saying a prayer before they took me back.  He was also one of the first to hold her.  He passed away a few months later.  With Sarah I felt really good after the surgery and got to enjoy holding her and watching her get passed around.  It wasn't until I was up in my room that the vomiting set in and lasted for a couple of hours.  Vomiting after c-section not high on my list of things to do, but I did do it again, which you will hear about in a few days with Adam's birthday.  Well Sarah has been a blessing ever since.  She is all girl, a total princess and goofy.  I find her to be an absolute joy and I know her father does too.  I thank God over and over that He blessed us with her.  As a side note, for her birthday my mom took her shopping and I got to tag along.  She tried on the entire store at Macy's and looked darn cute in everything.  My mom got a call from my dad and I heard her tell him "she's just like her mom, if it fits, she loves it."  It's true :)  

Anyway here are a few pics from her special day.  We had combined family party the next day for Sarah and Adam, but this is just from her girl party.
Here are the tea cookies I made.  My mom had these cookie cutters with a tea pot, creamer, sugar and spoon.
Here is Sarah stressing over the bracelets we were trying to make.
Becca and Avery working so hard on them.  By the end of the day all but one had broken, not the best part of the party.
Sam getting her makeup on for the photo shoot.
Don't want to mess up those freshly painted nails.  I had even found really tiny nail stickers for the girls to put on, cute.
Erin did her hair in braids even with a broken finger.
Becca gave Sarah a BFF bracelet as one of her gifts.  As I was getting into the car after she had opened it I saw them holding the bracelets together, touching the heart charms.  They were saying "friends since the beginning, friends forever, best friends."  It was a little odd actually, and they both did it like it was totally normal.
The pretty birthday girl.
The photo shoot.  Emily knew I was looking for matching dresses and found a couple at Ross at Keizer Station.  I called around and got enough for all the girls and they came with matching purses.  I think I spent $4.50 - $6.00 for each dress.  Such a deal.

Kyle was pretty sure Avery was flirting with him.  I was pretty sure he was making it up until I looked thru the pictures.  There are several where he caught her giving him this little flirty look.  Too funny.
The photo shoot helpers.  Thanks girls!
Sarah was floating for two days.  She loved her special day!
I love this one, they are just being goofy little girls.  I think this picture sums up who they are.
Kari did an awesome job with the pictures.  She will make them pretty with photoshop later, but for now here is my editing job.
The tea party decor.
Heading home after a fun time.  I think this ended up being one of the cutest pictures.  It was a great day and I can't believe she is growing up so dang fast.  Love that girl!