Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friends for Life

I have not blogged in a while, been to sick or busy.  I have recently been going through pictures from the year to do birthday slideshows and have again been struck by how sweet their blossoming young friendships are.  I love that they each have their own buddies, some are siblings, some are not.  And I also love how Sarah already refers to her friends as BFF's.  On top of the cuteness factor it's so special to me that their best friends mommies are my BFF's.  God has provided a good crew for my kids and I truly pray that these sweet little ones will grow to be life long friends.  I am so consumed with my current video projects that I don't have time to type more, but enjoy a few sweet pictures.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat for my church happened last weekend, and as usual it was wonderful.  It is always a great weekend of bonding, growing closer to Christ and food.  Oh and shopping too.  This year I got the pleasure of rooming with Emily and our neighbor Julie.  I'm really hoping that my wonderful, "bestest good friend" :) Kari will come next year ;)  I won't give the blow by blow because most of you that read this blog attended retreat.  But I really enjoyed our speaker, and of course the great company.  Here are a few of my favorite friend pics.  I love all my girls.
I don't really know what to say about Emily here, too funny.
I think this is a really cute picture of you girls.  Erin are you sure you turned 30 this fall?
These girls are so sweet and pretty and FUN!  Amanda I put this in for you, notice anything missing?
Yes Amanda, I'll let you follow me around so that you can make sure you get this purse :)  We have a purse exchange like musical chairs, you end up with the purse you have the last time the music stops.
Sporting their prizes.  Cute.
Looking so cute and skinny and pretty in pink.
The cruise girls.  Hawaii in only 4 years ladies.
Me and my sweet momma :)  They had a pretty ocean view room.