Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Fun

Some of our summer fun is that our two older kiddos have been taking swimming lessons.  I tell you - I never thought I would enjoy watching two kids in the pool so much.  It has me thinking I might actually like watching anything they do, even the dreaded baseball.  Today was their last swim class and tomorrow is family swim.  We were very excited to see that both kids have moved up a level.  Sarah went from level one to level two in about three days, yeah for her.  Alex, however, is the biggest excitement.  He needed to be able to float on his back and the poor kid didn't seem to have enough fat on his bones to make it happen.  Kyle even took him to open swim and worked on it for several hours, sadly he couldn't do it.  What was really odd was that his body could hold the line, but he was submerged just under the surface.  Finally though, on Tuesday he managed to make that big step.  We were very excited, as was he, to see him ring that bell and have the life gaurd announce his graduation out of level two.  He smiled from ear to ear through the rest of his lesson and hasn't really stopped since.  Good Job Alex, I love you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Another Day

Well yesterday we awoke to a sick little guy.  It was 6:30 AM, which is highly unusual for our little munchkins, and out walks my 3 year old telling me he is poopy.  Now this is a bummer on several levels - I'm really over changing poopy diapers and I fear he must be sick to be getting up so early because of poo.  Then I smell it and I KNOW he must be sick.  Sure enough the little guy has a fever and poops pretty much the whole day.  I have to add that it is some of the smelliest stuff yet since becoming a mom.  My husbands smells don't count.

Towards the evening he was slowing down and feeling better so we decided to venture out to look for shoes for the kids to wear in Disneyland and replace my daughters swimsuit, because the bottoms of her previous suit mysteriously disappeared.  It's possible they are on her floor as clothes in her room seem to jump out of her drawers and closet to lounge around together on her floor.  It was actually a fun time shopping, even my husband seemed to enjoy the adventure.  Our daughter tried on about 50 pairs of shoes, so like her mother.  We had already picked out two pairs for her when I see my husband sneaking a third pair into the cart for her.  Oh she is a lucky girl.

It's amazing to me how we mommy's roll.  We can go from changing smelly, disgusting, diapers to shoe shopping in a moments notice.  You have to be prepared for anything!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Just the Beginning

Well I have given in to something that I never thought I would do, a blog.  I'm sure i'm not the first or the last person to feel like this is all a bit odd.  I have a good friend that started a blog when she moved away and I checked it off and on.  Then my husband got a facebook account and now I just have the blog bug.  I'm not really sure what kinds of things I will be sharing on my blog but I know it will mostly be about my wonderful children and my amazing husband.  I feel blessed to the max and guess I feel like sharing.  My kids are growing up so fast and I already see my life getting ready to change as my oldest starts first grade next year.  I'm hoping this will be a fun way to journal the high points of life with three crazy munchkins, and I suppose a few of the low points too.