Monday, September 21, 2009

I still have a blog... who knew?!

Good times with Friends
Cruise to Alaska
First Day of School

So, I guess I still have a blog. Hmmm, I appear to have forgotten about it. I think it's been crazy and not crazy around here all at the same time (the above pictures are an abbreviated way to blog about our summer). Having Kyle home makes normal life things harder, I just don't want to do anything. If he is sitting on the couch working on the computer, then I want to cuddle up and watch HGTV. So not much gets done. Bad me, but good times. Then add to that a cruise at the time I normally blog first day of school stories and you get little blog activity. So, sadly I have no funny first day of school story. Bummer, because there have been some very good first day stuff in the Kivett household. Instead the school year is going along like clockwork. Alex is SO happy in his new class. He has a man teacher and has already received a call home, from the principle no less, to tell us he is doing EXCELLENT in his class. So nice to get that kind of a call from the principle. Sarah Just plane loves school, she loves to learn and in fact was thrilled to have homework over the weekend. Love it! Adam, who started preschool, is just happy to be doing something. Especially with girls around, my boys love the ladies, what can I say. This week brings with it the sub class for Kyle. So he should be subbing here anytime, making getting stuff done a little easier for me. Plus, I think he is getting bored. I would have liked to have seen the year end, and so would he, with a job. But God has different plans for us. He has blessed us with nearly 20 students, thank you, so that will keep us busy and help provide some needed income. I am doing childcare for my neighbor. One very sweet and SUPER easy 6 month old three days a week. So that helps, and hopefully subbing will fill in the gaps. We are blessed to have these options and I'll keep you all posted on how it's going. Our biggest prayer is our health. We have no insurance, so please don't throw our kids around, we can't afford to put them back together if they break. Hopefully fall holds lots of great things for our friends and family, I'm looking forward to changing colors and cooler days. Jeans and sweaters and cozy fires. We know God has big plans for us and those around us. Looking forward to seeing what he bring our way.