Friday, June 4, 2010

Knead and Feed and some other stuff too

Kyle and I were blessed to have the entire holiday weekend alone in Seattle. My amazingly awesome parents offered!!! to take our kids! God bless them. The weekend started off with a bang, watching little Adam graduate from preschool. What an amazing experience we have had there, all three kids graduated from Judson Baptist Preschool and now an era is over for us. Hard to believe.
Here's Adam with his amazing teacher that took him such a long way this year. He is more then prepared to be a kinder and amazingly he has successfully learned to follow instruction and behave in a socially ok way. This is a big deal for this crazy kid and we are very proud.
I don't have any pictures of the first day or so of our trip. We took the long way, back roads, to seattle, 8 hrs people! But we saw some beautiful scenery and I took a lovely nap and no one was in the back seat asking when we would get there and fighting so it was all good.
Saturday was sleeping in, finding a yummy breakfast and shopping at some outdoor cottage type shops, then we read, for hours... and hours! Sigh, so wonderful. After all that relaxing we headed out for dinner at this place we found on line. It was in an old Seattle neighborhood and it was yum. Here's Kyle playing at the local park, and me outside the place we ate.
After dinner we took in some jazz, and our table was almost on stage we were so close. I was actually touching the stage most of the time, and it was great because we could really see everything happening. I love watching their fingers and hearing them communicate with each other.
On Sunday we hopped on the ferry and headed to Whidbey island. This for me was the highlight of our trip. Very cute - full of small towns that remind me of little fishing villages. Great shops and AMAZING food.
Here we are on the ferry, first time for me so fun memory to make with my main squeeze.
taking a walk on the beach, check out the shells they were everywhere. Huge whole shells.

Then we ate here, at this amazing wonderful place that I highly recommend. I suggest reservations, but they took Kyle's cell number and called us when they had a table free. So we were able to get our beach walk in while we waited for a table. Really you have got to eat here. If for no other reason then the toast!
I know, toast should not be a reason to eat somewhere, but oh how it is. The best toast ever, homemade and so buttery good.
And this wasn't to bad either :) Look at our cute table markers for the servers.
And what I wished I had room for as I walked out the door with my...
cup of coffee to go, free when you get coffee with your meal. Just make a to go cup to have in hand while you walk around town. So perfect!
All the stores and buildings had neat old, knobs on their doors. Here is just one of many.
We found an old block house at the museum and the light upstairs was awesome for pictures, Kyle went crazy. I love the baby cradle that you can see in this one.
The town of Coupville where we spent most of our time, isn't it cute!?
This crazy seal that was feeding the birds, not kidding you, he would come with fish and the birds would jump on his back and take it, then they would do it again. Crazy.
Me and my sweetie!
We ended the day by exploring the lighthouse and Kyle walked around Fort Casey while I read. (I started and finished a book, so rare.) Then we enjoyed coffee in another little down while reading at a table outside under an umbrella. Because of course it was drizzly, but we didn't care, it was still lovely.
So thanks mom and dad, we loved it, we are still feeling refreshed from it, and I can't wait to take my kids back to Whidbey Island. I think that's a pretty great sign that it was a successful weekend.