Monday, April 4, 2011

Bungee Jumping

It seems fitting that today I will post a crazy Adam story. I'm writing this post, almost to the minute, 6 years after this monkey entered our lives. We have lots of nick-names for him and they all describe his spirit. He is fun loving, creative and really keeps us on our toes. If things get to peaceful at our house you will always hear one of us say "where's Adam?"

This past Friday I was home and Kyle was at work. Adam was playing with bugs in the backyard and I was enjoying some couch time. The next thing I know he is on our back deck soaked, muddy and crying. "I ripped my pants" he's saying over and over. After some love he tells me that he was clipping his belt loop to our dog run. This is a rope tied between two trees with a leash on it so our german shepherd can run the length of our yard. This long rope runs horizontally to our drop off that leads to our creek. Well that crazy kid was clipped to the leash and throwing himself backwards off the drop and letting the rope fling him back up, that's right bungee jumping. Well you can all guess what happened, the loop broke and he went flying down landing in our creek. Oh Adam, only you. Luckily all was well, but it could have been horrible. I wish I had seen it, but I know in the moment I would have been terrified. Really though, I have to laugh because it's just one more of those moments in life where God has put a bubble around that kid and kept him safe. I figure God is saving him for something special as an adult.

What a special gift Adam is in our lives. He is an original kid that gives his love so freely. He is known to do sneak attacks of love - in fact just last week as I was getting in the van he said "I just love you so much I have to kiss you right now." And he planted a big one right on the kisser! What a joy.

He is now cuddled down to watch a movie, he has a cold on his birthday so I get to stay home from work with the birthday boy. I think I better go cuddle in with him! Happy Birthday sweet boy.