Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life is always changing

On Tuesday my husband went to visit his dad. Kermitt was always a hard worker, a busy man that loved his farm and working the land. Since the passing of Kyle's mom Arlene, Kermitt has aged, a lot. The stress was hard on him and his Parkinson's disease. He has a stutter now and so it's hard to follow him sometimes, hard to have a conversation and just hard to watch him struggle. But today I was remembering that this is temporary. This is not our home and getting old is usually a needed step towards going home. Praise God. But it's hard and no fun and a stress on the family and honestly just way to early in our lives for this to be happening. And we don't deal with it often, honestly Kyle's sisters do most of the hard care giving when its needed, and we are grateful for them.

However, God is great and gives us moments that are wonderful. Even now when it's hard and sad we see glimmers of sweet memories. Every New Year we go to Florence with Kyle's family. Oregon that is, although Italy would be wonderful too. This year we had dad in our car, and Adam who loves everyone and is always so excited to see grandpa Kivett, was saying "grandpa, I love you!" And dad kept saying "what Sarah?" So Adam would say it louder and dad would say the same thing... back and for they go. Finally Alex starts yelling "Grandpa it's Adam not Sarah", still not getting it. Alex turns to Adam and says, not quietly mind you, grandpa is really old and can't hear you. Kids, gotta love em. We are so blessed to still have Kermitt in our lives, to get to see our kids make some kind of memories with him, to see Adam loving on grandpa is just precious and we know Kermitt loves anything he can get. We'll just keep our eyes on the prize and enjoy the tiny moments of laughter and love we still get to share together. Loves to Grandpa "old grandpa" as my kids so sweetly now call him.