Monday, January 18, 2010

Dedicated to the one I love...

well one of the one's I love. You all know him as Adam, but his name is actually James Adam. He has been called Adimal, the A bomb, monkey, monster, and future ruler of a small nation. In all honesty I don't know a sweeter kid. This is one of the reasons we believe he could be a future politician. He has a way with people, they love him, they want love from him, they want to do things for him and they want to turn the other way if he is being naughty because any punishment for him is to severe.
We were recently in Sisters with the Dempsters and after waking up he came out of his room, went straight to Ryan and gave him a big hug, then the same for Emily. He does this because it comes natural to him, showing love is automatic. Which is good because he has lived longer then he should have as a result of this easy way of showing love. Because like all good future nation rulers he has some crazy ideas and they tend to get him in trouble.
He has put kitty litter in the toilet, has drawn with sharpie on one of my really good chairs in the family room, he has cut up a Christmas present before we even had a chance to put it together (actually he convinced Sarah to do that - so he could have plausible deniability), he has been found wandering the streets, in neighbors backyards and in neighbors garages on their motorcycles, helmet on! He has answered the door at friends houses - not our own mind you - totally naked, the list could go on and on and on. The boy is a walking experimenter of life.
He is also SO SO SO sweet and with each of these offenses I have felt little to no anger, because it's Adam. And you just can't be mad at Adam. He loves the anger right out of you. He is also really funny when he's in trouble. Saying things like "mom, everybody sins" presented to me by him as evidence as to why I shouldn't really be that upset. Really what 4 year old says that. He enjoys life and to his credit he never commits the biggies twice. He only stuck kitty litter in the toilet once, because why do it twice now that I know it does indeed turn into a paste. This is his philosophy on most of his experiments.
He's irresistible, he's fun, he's super cute and we love him so, so much! Thanks God for this crazy kid that completed our family so perfectly! Life would just be to simple and really lack excitement without him.

James Adam Kivett - running for future ruler of any small nation. You can donate to his campaign fund, however he only wants donations in change so they can fit in his fireman piggy bank.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How will the New Year look?

No one really knows, but we come at it with ideas, plans and resolutions.

Kyle and I have resolved to lose weight, eat healthy and act our age not 15 years older. This comes with the new year, and really with the end of a heavy duty season of insane business and a desire to see that slow down enough to care for our bodies a bit.

Every day I resolve to have a more active relationship with Christ, to grow in my knowledge of Him and to live like the daughter He desires me to be. I'm happy that is still a desire of mine, as I know that's supernatural. It's not really human nature to strive for something that will not be complete until the day I go home, meaning my heavenly home that is. But I do, and pray that I will continue to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as He spurs me on to desire that.

As for plans, I want to see my photography grow. I have learned I LOVE it, that it is a passion and something I want to grow into a business/ministry. I want to get really great at it, not for a pat on the back but because I love a great picture. So I'll continue to read, and practice and hopefully learn. If you know anyone getting married, I am officially up for a few more weddings, and I'm a great bargain!

I'm hoping to see traditional employment for my husband, but I am VERY aware that is up to God and we still don't know what He has in store for us.

I also hope to spend even more time together as a family. Being more proactive at putting the endless work aside to focus on the needs of our precious three, and watching them grow, we do not want to miss this time!!!

God is good, God is great! He has shown us repeatedly that He loves us, He will provide for us and that He is walking right beside us, actually carrying us along as we travel through this crazy life. I hope the new year finds each of you happy, but more importantly in Love with God and seeking Him at every turn in life. We have learned that you never know when that curve in the road is coming, only He can prepare you for it.