Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Is Not Almost Over!

Oh wait, it is. How did the time go so fast. I actually totally forgot I had a blog I was so busy. But now I have had a relaxing break and remembered I wanted to keep this thing updated.

Alex has finished up basketball season, Sarah is full-on into her piano lessons and getting ready to celebrate her 8th birthday and Adam is still busy being Adam, almost 6 (what?). It's been a couple weeks of regression for the birthday kiddos however. Adam had a day where he was on criminal act number 20 when after riding the laundry basket down the stairs, drawing my attention, I realized he had cut his hair! Again!! The boy had no idea that I would be upset, or so it seemed because when I asked him if he had cut his hair he very calmly looked at me and said "yeah". I found the hair all over my bathroom later to prove it. Now he sports an odd uneven look in the back, how did he not draw blood? Luckily the damage in the front just blended in.

Then just a couple of days after that I discovered Sarah's American Girl doll, which she has only had for three months, had been given a trim. When telling this story people react with, "oh how could Adam do that", before I get the pleasure of telling them that my sweet daughter did it herself. She however did know it was wrong and felt so bad she asked for no birthday gifts, "just please fix my doll". So of course we were so touched by her attitude about it we got her gifts and we will also fix the doll. Suckers! So every pair of scissors will now be locked up and they are never allowed to touch them again! Or at least until I forget or until Adam discovers where we are keeping them and gives the cat a trim or something.

blurry picture from Kyle's iPhone. It's the most recent one I have sadly. Don't they look sweet having fun together?! No cutting tools anywhere in sight.

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Family of 5 said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I did just a lil about the "haircuts!" Sorry! Cami took a chunk out of her bangs in Oct...took FOREVER to grow back!! These kids just have too much curiosity!!! Your family picture on top is beautiful!!