Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthdays + Easter =

No time for blogging and a whole lot of fun! This year Sarah had a PJ party minus the sleep over. She had a group of girlfriends, lifelong and school friends, over for the classic slumber party fun! There were makeovers and dancing and pillow fights... you get the idea. They ended the night with these little take home treats. Sarah's parties are so fun for me to organize, I love getting really girly even as I age, it's great living a little of my youth again by watching her.

Then we had the combined family party. Birthday's one week apart makes it hard, so they each get a friend party than they have one party together with the family. This year we played games with questions about the birthday sweeties and Sarah won for Adam and Alex won for Sarah. Nice to know the siblings know each other so well.
This was the beginning of Easter week, two parties down, but real life was also taking place. Like watching this little sweet guy! Yes we are teaching him to sing already.
And every night we had Easter practice - here I am with one of my PT peeps - that stands for Praise Team, a small group on mics. We had way more fun then we probably should have complete with some rad dance moves and a whole lot of laughter.
And by day I was still being mommy - Adam out front guarding the homestead. I feel so much safer with him around.
And more singing - yes we are getting down and loving it!
Mommy by day - Adam working on his new laptop that he got from grandma and grandpa all while sporting the batman PJ's.
singing monster by night - here we are doing our best to feel some soul while singing a gospel number.
Then the end of the week held a super cool Abbygail party for Adam - wow it was fun. I have an album on facebook that lays it all out there, but here he is watching as our surprise guest arrived, Abbygail herself. What a special celebration for a special 5 year old.

And we also had to dye eggs, this was actually the first time I had ever done this with the kids and it was really fun. While the kids worked on eggs and I helped them, Kyle talked about Easter and it's importance in our life. It was a nice way to spend Saturday morning before kissing them goodbye as they stayed with the grandparents while we camped out at church for the weekend.
Adam's egg says Jesus, I think.
Sarah went with a pretty little stripe.
And Alex drew a cross, I think there was more to his egg on the other side, but I don't remember.
The finished product. They actually ate some which shocked me.
Here we are Sunday morning after two performances Saturday night having some vocal warm-up. Really a great weekend, I loved the music and the message was clear.
I had to include this shot - taken by a photographer at church. These two played Adam and Eve, I think the hardest roles out there, they were really good sports.
The weekend was topped off with an egg hunt with the cousins at my folks place. Whew, it makes me a little tired just looking at all we did. God was so good and kept us healthy and happy. As always a great week, and a crazy week.
Can you see the egg hiding in the pillow case. The oldest cousins hid the eggs this year, they had some pretty clever spots too.

All the craziness aside, I have to say, I am grateful for my Lord and Savior. I am awed by Him and that is always renewed in this season. I watch as God puts our presentations together each year, and as he keeps everyone so calm and leaning on Him. There is no tension, no harsh words, no grumpy servants. Everyone is working together to please Him and He sees us thru. I get to thank God for not only the birth of two of my children at this time and the huge blessing that they are, but also for the eternity I get to look forward to with Christ. Thank you for the cross Lord, thank you for the price you paid. Bearing all my sin and shame in love you came.

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Connie said...

Thank you for serving in the Easter program! It was fabulous and i love watching you sing praises, you are so happy and into it! The parties were fabulous, you're a super party planner! Fun to read your blog again! Love you friend!